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“25 days in and I’ve officially lost 10 pounds! I’m a believer!” – Kristy

Menus, shopping lists, daily support – you can’t lose!

Leanne Ely & Saving Dinner take all of the guesswork out of going Paleo.

Your $15 challenge membership includes:

30 days of delicious, satisfying Paleo dinner recipes
Ready-to-go weekly shopping lists
10 breakfasts, 10 lunches & snack suggestions to mix-and-match
Paleo Challenge Quick Start guide, with easy how-to support

Private Facebook group with tips, advice and daily support from the group

Paleo? What is it? And why?

First, Paleo is not a fad diet – it’s a return to eating the way our bodies were designed to eat. In a nutshell, eating “Paleo” means eating like our Paleolithic ancestors. Hunting, gathering, not farming grains.
That’s the simple idea behind the Paleo diet. Our bodies weren’t made to thrive on processed, packaged, grain-filled foods. Put simply, our bodies don’t know what to do with the food we’re putting into our mouths!

So what should you be putting
in your body to truly thrive?


Go Paleo with us today & enjoy:

Locally sourced, free-range & grass-fed meats & poultry


organic eggs

nuts &


Fats like butter, made from grass-fed cows, coconut oil & more

That’s right! Even “no-no” foods like red meat, butter and eggs fit into the 30-Day Paleo Challenge as long as they’re from grass-fed or free-range sources, instead of factory farmed.



See how delicious & satisfying it can be:

Sample Menu



Juicy steaks? Dinner parties? Happy kids? Yes!

It’s not just YOU who’s going to love eating these dishes. Everyone at the table is going to love them, too. In fact, these dishes are so good, you’ll be proud to serve them to company. They don’t taste anything like “diet food!”

Dig in to the 30-Day Paleo Challenge and start whipping up meals that will make everyone at your table feel not just satisfied but thrilled. And if anyone needs some extra carbs, you can always add rice or a baked potato as a side dish.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We guarantee you’ll love your 30-Day Paleo Challenge membership. If you’re unsatisfied at any time, we’ll gladly give you a full refund, no questions asked. We’re that confident that this challenge can be life-changing for you!

For the cost of a pizza (neither Paleo nor healthy!) you get:

Delicious Paleo dinner recipes–30 days in all!

Convenient weekly menus & shopping lists

Scrumptious breakfast, lunch & snack suggestions

Exclusive private Facebook