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North Carolina Mom Stumbles Upon 10,000 Year-Old Method that “Melts Off” Your Fat, Sheds Your Extra Pounds, and Improves Your Health – (Even As You Enjoy Eating Delicious, and Seemingly Decadent Choices)

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30 Day Paleo Challenge
with Saving Dinner!
  • 30 days of delicious Paleo dinner recipes
  • Done-for-you weekly shopping lists
  • 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, and snack suggestions
  • Paleo Challenge how-to guide
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It’s never been easier to put the Paleo diet to the test, thanks to the 30-Day Paleo Challenge with Saving Dinner. For a small investment of just $15, you get the tools and support you need to see if this eating approach works for you. All the meal planning and shopping lists are done for you. Plus you enjoy the fun and support of joining a community of enthusiastic, like-minded folks who are doing the same thing you’re doing!

So what exactly is the Paleo Diet?

In a nutshell, eating “Paleo” means eating like our Paleolithic ancestors. I’m talking about the cavemen and women who roamed the earth long before we had widespread grain agriculture—and, of course, fast food, processed food, and other modern-day foods. Instead, these hunters and gatherers only ate the foods they could find.

That’s the basic premise behind the Paleo diet. Our bodies haven’t adapted to eating modern-day foods that weren’t available or even imaginable 10,000 years ago. This may explain why digestive disorders like acid reflux and chronic diseases like diabetes are running rampant. Put simply, our bodies don’t know what to do with the food we’re putting into our mouths!

So what – according to the Paleo diet -
should you be putting into your mouth?

Join the 30-Day Paleo Challenge now for just $15!

Meat, Butter, and eggs-oh my!

You’ll be amazed how many delicious

(and seemingly decadent) choices you get with the Paleo diet,
including tasty, satisfying foods like…

That’s right, even “no-no” foods like red meat, butter, and eggs qualify as Paleo, as long as they’re from grass-fed or free-range organic sources, instead of the usual factory farms.

Why is this so much healthier?

Going Paleo helps conquer inflammation so you look and feel amazing! Conquers inflammation so you look and feel amazing!

As you may know, processed and factory-farmed foods contain toxins, antibiotics, pesticides, and other unnatural ingredients that irritate your body’s cells and stoke the fires of inflammation. Over time this can lead to raging, out-of-control inflammation in your body.

This makes you more likely to develop a wide range of health problems, including asthma, allergies, hardening of the arteries, cancer, arthritis, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, skin problems, prostatitis, and much more.

Plus it makes it almost impossible to lose weight!

But when you go “Paleo”, you’re able to conquer inflammation in your body…so you look and feel amazing! And it’s as simple as avoiding the kinds of foods our hunter and gatherer ancestors NEVER ate.

Foods like…

  • Refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup
  • Processed foods
  • Grains (including rice, oats and pasta)
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Vegetable oils
  • Soy

All of these foods can trigger inflammation in your body, aggravate food sensitivities, and they’re just plain hard for your body to digest properly. Why eat foods that wreak this kind of havoc, instead of working in harmony with your body as nature intended? By cutting out these challenging, non-Paleo foods, every organ, system, and function in your body can flourish and work better!

It’s actually much easier than you may think to start eating this way. And once you do, if you’re like me you won’t believe how much better you feel…

Join the 30-Day Paleo Challenge now for just $15!

Stubborn pounds melt off and pesky health problems vanish

From what I’ve seen and heard (and experienced first-hand), eating this kind of diet can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. It can help you lose those stubborn pounds…give your energy and mental focus a tremendous boost…and even banish pesky everyday health problems.

In fact, since I first wrote about going “Paleo” on my blog, I’ve heard from throngs of people who’ve dramatically improved their health with this eating approach. Many say eating a more Paleo diet has not only helped them lose weight, it’s alleviated many annoying symptoms and helped them defeat some serious health challenges.

Maybe you’re already convinced eating Paleo is the way to go or perhaps you’re already doing it and need some inspiration at dinner time! And then again, maybe you’re skeptical about this lifestyle. Could be that you’re throwing your hands up in the air feeling overwhelmed and nervous about making the switch to Paleo even though you know you have to do this for your health.

No matter which category you fall into, I created this 30-Day Paleo Challenge for YOU. I’m convinced once you give this eating approach a try, you’ll see for yourself just how doable it is.

You’ll feel satisfied and eat delicious food each day, instead of feeling deprived. I promise you won’t be hungry all the time. That’s because when you eat so well at each meal, you won’t get those between-meal urges to snack (and if you do, we’ve got you covered there, too!)

Join the 30-Day Paleo Challenge now for just $15!

Done-for-you convenience
makes meal planning and shopping a snap!

The 30-Day Paleo Challenge eliminates all the planning and guesswork. I’ve put together a full month’s worth of menus, including shopping lists. You’ll love the variety and never get bored with eating the same old thing.

Many of the dishes are simple to prepare –they either sit on the stove or in the oven for at most a few hours, or they can cook all the day long in a slow cooker. Others can be ready in less than 20 minutes.

For example, how would you like to serve up…

Didn’t think this juicy steak
would be on the menu?

(Guess Again!)

It’s not just YOU who’s going to love eating these dishes. Everyone at the table is going to love them, too. In fact, these dishes are so good, you’ll be proud to serve them to company. They don’t taste anything like “diet food!”

That’s why you can whip up these meals and not worry about having to make a separate dinner for fussy eaters. If your spouse, significant other, or children want their carbs, you can throw in some rice or a baked potato as a side dish.This type of eating truly adapts to your life–and your family’s!

30 Day Paleo Challenge
with Saving Dinner!

  • 5 weeks of 6 Paleo dinner recipes–30 days’ worth in all!
  • Menus and shopping lists included
  • 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, and snack suggestions
  • Paleo Challenge how-to guide
  • Private Facebook Group:
    • Exclusive to those participating
    • I periodically add tips, ideas, exclusive videos and photos

Take a look at everthing you get with the
30 Day Paleo Challenge!

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Click Here to Get Started!


Click Here to Get Started!


Click Here to Get Started!


Click Here to Get Started!

You’ve got nothing to lose by giving the 30 Day Paleo Challenge a try. Like everything else from Saving Dinner, your 100% satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. It you’re not completely happy, you can request an instant refund anytime. You have my word on it!



I think you’re going to love these tasty recipes along with the done-for-you convenience of the meal plans and shopping lists.
But I’m really excited for you to join our private
30-Day Paleo Challenge Facebook group.

There’s amazing support here!

You’ll find people taking photos of their foods, sharing recipes, talking about how good they feel, and asking for help or helping others with their challenges. I’m on there all the time, too, talking about what I’m doing and what I’m cooking. This community feature alone can really give you a boost and motivate you to be super successful!

So please click here to join us today. Just give me 30 days and I’ll do the rest. I look forward to “seeing” you on Facebook and hearing how you’re doing with the challenge!

Yours truly,

Leanne Ely
Founder, SavingDinner.com